Our Story

HorseFit UK is a Yorkshire based company run by Rebecca Driffield (BHSAI, Equine Nutritionist accredited by Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, ESMT accredited by the IAAMB /ACWT & IAAT associations).

HorseFit UK specialises in providing wraparound, one-stop care for you and your horse in a range of aspects including:

  • Equine Sports Massage (ESMT reg IAAT & IAAMB/ACWT).
  • Coaching (BHS ACP).
  • Pampering (clipping, event preparation & trimming).
  • Ridden all types, styles, ages and breeds of horses/ponies in different countries.
  • Omega Low Level Laser therapy.
  • Rider and horse psychology (creating an in-sync team & confidence building).
  • Fitness & Exercise plans.
  • Nutrition planning & development.
  • County level showing.
  • Hunt preparation and novice rider/horse hunter chaperone.

Meet the Team

"The bigger the dream, the more important the team..."

profile b&W

Rebecca Driffield

Founder & CEO

Profile Molly

Molly Laws

Sponsored Rider

profile Jane

Jane Young

Company Secretary

profile Vic

Victoria Adams

Business Coach & Consultant

Can't find what you're looking for?

All services provided by HorseFit UK are tailored and unique to each individual horse and rider. Please contact us with specific requirements or any enquiries.