Showing Consultant

HorseFit UK hates people to feel not worthy or unsure of themselves! Especially when it comes down to our mutual passion, PONIES!

After many years riding and grooming in the Showing world we want to spread our knowledge.

Consultations normally involve a theory and a practical part.


  • Dress Etiquette for chosen class/horse or pony type.
  • Being prepared what to expect on the day.
  • Tack for the chosen class/ horse or pony type.
  • Look through schedules and plan the season with a unique "Plan of Action"


  • How to turn your horse/pony out for the class.
  • Coaching session on your individual show.
  • In-Hand session of the Trot-Up and Conformation part of the class.
  • Tips for the "Go-Around".
  • Making sure the tack and clothes all fit and look five star!

Consultation can vary on what you require and can include any pampering such as plaiting and trimming that may be needed.

Contact Us for more information and what you uniquely require from HorseFit UK.