Most owners only clip in the Autumn/Winter months however it can be beneficial to horses with thick coat types or horses with diseases like Cushings that might make an owner have to clip all year around. Everyone is different!

Proud to represent Liveryman and use all their different types of clippers and trimmers in all areas of pampering. HorseFit UK became a Brand Ambassador for Liveryman in 2020.

Why clip?

  • Too hot.
  • Owners have no time to wait for horse's to dry and in that case, they can catch a chill from damp hair in a cold environment.
  • Keeps condition especially if there is excess sweat.
  • Disease related such as cushings, to give the horse relief because it cannot shed its own coat.

Things to consider...

  • Workload.
  • Living in or out (It protects from elements and Temperature).
  • Age.
  • Disclipine.
  • Type of rider you are (Occasionally or Everyday).

For the occasional or weekend rider, here are example clip types to consider:

  • Trace.
  • Irish.
  • Bib.

For the daily or everyday rider, here are example clip types to consider:

  • Full.
  • Hunter.
  • Blanket.
  • High Trace/Topline.