Equine Massage

Known as the manual manipulation of soft tissues such as muscle, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue and fascia. The horse’s body weight is made of up to 60% in muscle and even the smallest muscle injury can take up to 90 days to present itself.

The muscular system heavily relies on the skeletal system and vice versa. When joints and bones are out of line they can nip nerves and cause muscle spasms. When muscles are tight and tense they can pull joints and vertebrae out of line.

The benefits of massage:

  • Injury prevention.
  • Relieves pain, stress and tension.
  • Improves well-being and mental state.
  • Improve posture and muscle tone.
  • Improves immune system support and response.
  • Improves and increases circulation.
  • Improves and increases flexibility and balance.
  • Improves and increases range of movements and length of stride.
  • Reduces swelling and fluid.
  • Improves the connection and relationship between the owner and horse with the set exercises from the massage therapist.

Signs when a type of massage is needed:

  • Change in attitude, mood and personality traits.
  • Bad posture, muscle atrophy and tone, lack of movement and length of stride.
  • Reluctant to want to be exercised.
  • Visual muscle spasms and flinching.
  • Tail swishing, ears back, biting/nipping, moving away when rugs or tack is fitted.
  • Unwilling to work over the back and in an outline.
  • Knocking poles and not able to do sharp turns in jump offs.
  • Signs of depression.
  • Signs of distress.
  • Extreme signs – bucking, rearing, bolting.
  • Anxiety, weaving, box walking.

HorseFit UK works under the Veterinary Surgeons Act of 1966, therefore we need veterinary permission before treatment can take place.

The veterinary consent form can be downloaded here Veterinary Consent Form - HorseFit Uk. It needs to filled out before we can treat your horse/pony.

Also we like to get to know you and your horse/pony before our Initial Assessment & Massage so  we've created a Pre-Assessment Form - HorseFit UK for you to fill and send back either by e-mail or FB message.

To download our price list please click on Equine Massage Treatment Prices - HorseFit UK. To contact us for further information on how we can uniquely help you at HorseFit UK click here.

Initial Assessment & Massage

New clients can expect a positive and thorough first massage session with HorseFit UK.


Prevention is better than the cure!

Keep your horse's musculoskeletal system in peak condition so they can give you 100%!


Recovery from any injury is a long process and massage can promote and aid the recovery. Even on box rest it can help reduce inflammation and support the immune system!


Need them to perform at maximum capacity and full potential?

Need to speed up recovery time and remove toxins and lactic acid quicker? Look no further!


Just like humans horses and ponies can be overwhelmed and stressed, massage can help massively! Psychological problems can often lead to physical problems.


Your old boys and girls deserve a treat and massage is the perfect way to pamper them! Don't let the young ones have all the fun and pleasure!


Here at HorseFit UK we love to offer extras in all our treatments! Such as a Flir Thermal Imaging Camera, the Epiony Heat Pad and Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad.  Find out more about the Flir Imaging Camera and how the Epiony Heat Pad and Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad help your horse/pony in treatments here.

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