Maintenance Massage

This massage is normally performed every 8 weeks or 12 weeks, however some owners can only manage every 6 months after an Initial Assessment & Massage. Like most therapies, regular equine massage sessions are always better as a prevention instead of a cure. Regular sessions create a healthy musculoskeletal system.

What to expect:

Static and Dynamic Assessment which includes Palpation, Passive stretches, Conformation and Gait Analysis.

After an Initial Assessment & Massage; key areas of tension and characteristic problems of the individual horse/pony will be known and monitored for improvement and recurrence. Early detection of signs of tension and discomfort is the best way to stop potentially bigger problems occurring.

A "Plan of Action" will be in place after the Initial Assessment & Massage and the therapist will check for an updates, changes and improvements with the horse/pony and modify it if required. Finally the client will receive a report of findings from the massage session.

Please note all types of massage require veterinary permission to treat. Without the permission, either verbally or written, treatment cannot take place. Here is our link to our veterinary consent form. Consent Form.

Other types of Massage offered at HorseFit UK: