OAP Massage

OAP massage releases positive endorphins and provides comfort and muscle relaxation at a time of life when your horse may be feeling day-to-day stiffness. It enhances movement range through the lubrication of their joints, and tense muscles are relaxed by the gentle muscle manipulation.  Blood circulation and posture is improved and flexibility increased.

So, how will your horse benefit?

By reducing day-to-day stiffness and increasing overall comfort your OAP will have a spring in their step and a general feeling of well-being and comfort. Both your horse’s mental and physical health will benefit, with studies showing reduced levels of depression, reduction of arthritic pain and increased levels of energy. Your OAP may also see increases in strength and improved quality of sleep routine and duration.

How should the treatment be structured?

To best benefit your elderly friend a series of regular sessions is advised. Timings will differ depending on age and condition of your OAP but a 8-12 week cycle is recommended. This can be discussed during Initial Assessment & Massage. Additional heat treatment may be advisable.

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