Rehabilitation Massage

As rehab can take many forms, so can the benefits of this type of massage therapy. In general, it helps to shorten recovery time, encouraging the body to knit together again by increasing oxygenation and the flow of nutrients. By boosting your horse’s immune system, they become more able to fight off any infection effectively, hence supporting their healing. For horses on box rest it can reduce fluid and swelling, as well as helping to maintain muscle structure and avoid muscle atrophy. For horses with movement impairing injuries, it helps re-balance the muscular and skeletal system, keeping it in sync and therefore preventing further injury during the rehabilitation period.

So, how will your horse benefit?

Your horse will have a overall improved recovery from the injury or ailment, as well as benefiting from the positive mood effect of massage.

How should the treatment be structured?

Case specific, recommendations for treatment programme will be given after the Initial Assessment & Massage.

Other types of Massage offered at HorseFit UK: