Relaxation Massage

Some horses have a harder time of life than others, the hot-heads, weavers, box-walkers, spook-at-everythings and the general stress-heads. For them a 60-90 minute relaxation session provides a chance to unlock tense muscle groups and relax areas which commonly hold tension e.g. the poll, back, shoulders and tail.  When used in conjunction with a riding lesson which stimulates mind and body, a deeper state of relaxation, can be achieved for both horse and rider.

So, how will your horse benefit?

Overall horses/ponies will feel more relaxed, grounded and calm. Including bonding homework exercises can really help connect the owner and four-legged friend.

How should the treatment be structured?

Each horse is an individual and this type of massage can easily run in-conjunction with their maintenance massages. All types of horses/ponies from youngsters to golden oldies to top competition equines can get stressed and anxious. Contact us for your tailored service from HorseFit UK.

Other types of Massage offered at HorseFit UK: