Mollie Edwards - Equine Massage:

"Absolutely brilliant. I have tried a fair few physios in my time but never met anyone who takes their time as much as Becky and such a lovely lady too, my pony adores her. Definitely our go too lady from now on 🤩 thank you so much for your time and effort so far Becky, I can really see and feel a difference with little man xx"

Laura Jade Platt - Equine Massage:

"Would highly recommend. My pony loved her massage from HorseFit Uk and I will be booking again. Really helpful, explained what and why she was doing. Got me involved and gave me homework and exercises to do myself."

Poppy Mawson - Equine Massage:

"Rebecca came out to my horse Ginger to give her a massage and to say the least she was amazing. Ginger is a sassy pants and doesn’t like many people and she loved Rebecca , she dealt with her in such a calm loving way and I was amazed by how my horse reacted to her! She’s so friendly and super super loving. Would highly recommend to anyone amazing in every way! 🌟❤️"

Molly Laws:

"Rebecca has truly helped me through and through. I honestly cannot recommend this lovely lady enough. She has schooled my difficult horses for me, proving to be extremely effective no matter what the question. She has always and always will be clipping and pampering my horses as she does such a spectacular job! Always calm and patient with the more highly strung horses. She never leaves a job until she is 100% satisfied, she is a hard worker with a true passion for horses which is what makes her so good at her job! She is amazing at what she does and would recommend her to anyone, you will not be disappointed no matter what you’re asking of her!"

Maisie Dawes - Equine Massage:

"I hopped on yesterday just for walk about and she definitely felt more relaxed and willing to stretch and move forward.
I got on today and the difference in her trot on both reins is unbelievable. Her trot feels the same on both reins now which is something I’ve never felt before. Everything feels more loose and supple rather than uptight and rigid.
I’ve got to thank you for making it happen!"

Monique Tennant - Coach:

"By a stroke of luck I came across Rebecca when looking for a freelance instructor.
She has been amazing from the start and has helped me immensely on my journey as a novice rider.
Her style is exactly what I was looking for in a trainer.
She’s a patient and encouraging person who really boosts your confidence.
She aims to get the best out of both me and my horse.
I can’t thank her enough for all of her support and for gracefully putting up with my weekly tantrums 😊 🏅
Thanks Rebecca!"

Steph Wall - Equine Massage:

"First time having Becky out for physio on my mare and I definitely won’t be having anyone else do it! Could not fault the service she provided one bit.. she spent so much time on my mare where most people rush and stick the the hour slot.. she went over by a fair bit to make sure my whole horse had been worked! Already can’t wait for the next visit! 😍 would highly recommend to anybody! 💕"

Roger Pearson - Equine Massage:

"Fantastic service from Rebecca she talked me through everything she was doing to my horse and after now riding out a few times since last Monday I can certainly feel a difference from my mares performance. I would highly recommend HorseFit UK to all my friends and will certainly be having Rebecca back."

Alistair McLoughlin - Coach:

"My daughter Ruby has been learning to ride since she was 5 years old and Rebecca, her instructor for a number of years has been great with Ruby and has taught her not only how to ride and jump small obstacles but also how to take care of the horses she has ridden. Rebecca uses her experience to consistently challenge Ruby while ensuring she is always comfortable and understands what she is being asked to do. The lessons are always fun, interesting and the exercises progressive. Her knowledge and enthusiasm for both horse and rider is fantastic and this enabled Ruby to not only progress in terms ability as a rider but also grow in terms of confidence. Both myself as a parent and Ruby as the pupil find the whole experience extremely rewarding and would gladly recommend Rebecca to anyone who is considering taking lessons and learning to ride."

Tara Coleman - Pamper:

"Rebecca came to tidy up my thoroughbred in preparation for a show yesterday. She has done a fantastic job and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Not only did she make Ted look amazing, she treated him as one of her own making the whole experience very pleasant. I would definitely recommend. Thank you Rebecca."

Ellie Cleary - Equine Massage, Clipping & Coach:

"Becky is lovely reliable lady who has always done nothing but perfection on my pony from pampering to equine massage. She has done an amazing job and everyone I know uses her! Highly recommend to anyone!"

Eden Mayos - Coach, Equine Massage & Pamper:

"Becky is passionate about everything she does and excels in all of the sectors she works in. I have had the pleasures of Becky giving me lessons, which she works in a comforting manner and works on your confidence and control of the horse which has overall helped me from competing to  hacking. Also, she works on balance and posture/positioning which is something I’ve struggled with for a while. She has also clipped my horse and has done an immaculate job making him look like the pristine hunter that he is. Additionally, the prices are more than reasonable -especially considering how perfect he looked. Finally, Becky is qualified in equine sports massage therapy and from my experience of previous therapist, she’s by far the most thorough, she couldn’t have and has given me “homework” to take back and exercises to help to loosen and strengthen him. Finally, Becky has an overall extremely friendly presence and isn’t rude in any shape or form. I couldn’t give a bad comment about her even if I tried."

Poppy Mawson - Clipping:

"Was so amazing and patient when my horse didn’t like been clipped. Most lovely person ever, made me laugh and smile, the clip looks so good and not got any lines and nothing missed! 😁 Very happy with the service will be using again ❤️"

Joanne Laws - Pamper:

"Rebecca has always trimmed my show pony before every season and is always extremely patient and consistent with her work not forgetting neat! Couldn’t recommend her more!"

Angela Rooftops - Clipping:

"Cannot thank Rebecca enough for fixing a bodged clip for us.
Lovely lady, brilliant service.
Will definitely be using her from now on."

Joanna Jordan - Equine Massage & Pamper:

"My mare has been clipped a couple of times now with Rebecca. She has a very calm wonderful approach with the horses and I’ve also had my horse massaged which was really good and very informative. My horse loved it! Rebecca is worth her weight in gold. I’ll definitely be continuing with her. Fab job done!"

Laura J Sweeney:

"There isn't alot of people I trust with my horses but Becky is one of them! She handles the horses with a calm, professional manner and has a wealth of knowledge enabling her to support both horse and rider/owner. I would highly recommend HorseFit UK 🦄🦄🦄"

Amy Dickinson:

"Such a lovely lady to deal with, always professional and has an amazing way with horses and her dedication speaks for itself! Always happy and amazing looking horses! Would highly recommend to all! 😊🐴"

Zoe Chappell - Equine Massage:

"Highly recommend this service, I was fortunate enough to win a free massage for my horse in a competition and was super pleased with everything! Ebony loved it and I can’t wait to see the results in her ridden work. It was perfect timing as we had a bad fall 3 weeks ago when we both landed in a ditch! She had a full body massage with stretches, thermal imaging and a heat pad used on her. Really informative and thorough, with suggestions on how to help build up her muscle correctly and bring her back in to work. 5* rating from me, thank you so much xx"

Claire Seaton - Clipping:

"Highly recommended, Rebecca clipped my two hairy welshies today. One is only a baby and thia was his first clip. Rebecca was incredibly calm and patient with him ensuring his first clip was a nice experience. Will definitely use again and recommend to anyone looking for someone to clip. Thank you!"

Shelley Catch:

"I can’t say enough good things about this wonderful lady. I have always received a pleasant and professional service be it teaching riding or turning out our hunters. All the horses are always cared for and treat as her own!"

Rebecca Walker - Clipping:

"Fantastic clipping service. Really patient with my section D who was getting his first ever clip. He was sure on the extension lead but this lovely lady was so calm, reassuring and most of all patient with him. She achieved the clip I wanted on him in the end. Will definitely use again for clipping. Thank you once again for been so lovely with him and giving him such a positive first clip!"

Juliet Bodger - Pamper:

"Prompt, professional, high standards, would definitely recommend."

Anna Walton - Pamper:

"Amazing service by Rebecca, she came to clip my hairy cobs legs last week and was brilliant, sometimes he can be a bit of a fidget but Rebecca was nice and calm and even brought a lick for him to distract and make him at ease. She’s very prompt, calm and amazing at what she does 🐴 paddy says Rebecca can come again because she brings tasty treats 😁! X"

Jo Small - Pamper:

"Lovely lady, done a fab job and very reasonably priced
Thank you for giving Flash Pants his spring makeover. Will def be using your services again!"

Sophie Blackburn - Clipping:

"Rebecca was amazing at clipping my two horses today. Always calm no matter what she was faced with. Would seriously recommend.
Thanks again will definitely use her again!!"

Beverley Thompson - Pamper:

"Fab service, arrived on time, lovely lady, very patient, done a fab job and I would recommend her highly."

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